Michael Vigil

Congratulations to the Margaret L. Hopkin Middle School students of the month: seventh-grader River Shaw and eighth-grader Michael Vigil.

School staff says that River Shaw is the epitome of what a good student should be, giving 100% to everything he does. River excels in the classroom because he cares about being the best he can be. He not only completes all his assignments on time, but he is always looking to see what extra things he can do. River is always willing to help other students as well and is liked by all his classmates. River also participates in extracurricular activities, especially basketball. He really strives to be a hard worker and be nice to other people. In school, it is important for him to listen to teachers and not to get distracted, but River really tries to think before he does things and likes to motivate others when they are sad. His advice to his fellow classmates: “Respect all the teachers!”

Eighth-grader Michael Vigil is a very capable student who brings a lot of background knowledge to topics that are discussed in class. He works independently and asks questions that show he is thinking carefully. Michael shows enthusiasm and grit in his work and can always be counted on to be on task. Michael’s artistic and engineering skills are next level. He also has a love of history and the American Revolution and Ms. Packard loves the drawings he leaves in her room. Outside of school, Michael likes to do airsoft, gaming on an Xbox and drawing. His favorite colors are red, black and blue. Michael wants to join the U.S. Army someday and his advice to his classmates is: “Pay attention, work hard, and do your best, then you will make it far. Don’t ever give up!”

Congratulations, River and Michael!