Cosmo 0318

Meow and hello! It’s me, Cosmo, reporting live from the Grand County Public Library. When I hear the word “streaming,” I think about the sun streaming through the window onto my favorite nap spot. But did you know it makes humans think of watching videos?

It turns out the library can help you with either kind of streaming: just head to your Libby app or sign into the Beehive Library Consortium/Overdrive on any web browser, and you’ll find more than six thousand movie titles to choose from, all for free with your library card!

There are hundreds of TV shows, plus classic movies like “Cat Ballou,” recent Oscar winners, documentaries (check out “Ultimate Cat” from National Geographic), and films from Utah’s own Sundance and Slamdance Festivals. Younger patrons will like the Read Along Videos: “Lost and Found Cat,” the story of a refugee cat’s journey to reunite with his family, is a great one.

I’m not going to tell you what to watch, but to paraphrase film critic Roger Ebert: “No cat movie is too long and no dog movie is short enough.”

If you’ve scrolled through all six thousand titles and still haven’t found something that catches your eye, let me suggest chasing a piece of string tied to a stick. It’s hours of low-tech entertainment, plus you get some exercise.

To find out more about Libby and the Beehive Library Consortium, go to, or just ask a librarian. I’ve always found them to be very generous with their time, and more importantly, cat treats. Meow for now!