Cosmo 0225

Meow and hello everyone, it’s me, Cosmo the library cat, and I love listening to books! I like to curl up, close my eyes and become absorbed in a good story. It’s great when someone reads to me, but I also like to listen to audiobooks from the Grand County Public Library. Audiobooks are narrated by very talented people who bring the story and characters to life, and also give busy people an opportunity to read while they are doing other things. For example, I often enjoy an audiobook while I’m cleaning myself, a tedious task that becomes a fun one if I have something interesting to listen to. It’s also a great way to fall asleep at night. 

The library has all sorts of books on CDs and on MP3 players called Playaways. I especially like Playaways because they are small and portable and you don’t need a separate device; just pop in a AAA battery and earphones and push “play.” In the children’s room, you can also find sets that we call “Read Alongs.”  These sets have both the book and the audiobook included, so you can follow along on the printed page as you listen to the stories. There are even e-audiobooks that you can download onto your own device from our online library. An app called Libby makes it very easy at  So if you’re like me and you really enjoy hearing stories read aloud, audiobooks might be the purrfect choice for you!  Meow for now friends!