A “rebellion to tyranny freedom convoy” was scheduled to arrive in Moab on February 18, despite the convoy not obtaining the necessary permits to host an event in Grand County.

“Patriots from all over will join up in Provo at The Provo Town Center [sic] and drive south on Interstate 15 to Spanish Fork and head Southeast to our EVENT in Moab at 3:00 PM,” an email detailing the drive said.

The convoy is labeled both as a “freedom convoy” and “an appeal to heaven.” In Canada, trucker protestors who called themselves a “freedom convoy” paralyzed Ottawa for two weeks and most recently clogged the main border posts in Alberta and Manitoba in a protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

There has been one other “freedom convoy” in Utah in February. The Utah Patriots, a right-wing group, organized a convoy on Feb. 5 in Taylorsville to “support truckers and medical freedom.”

The website www.appealtoheavenconvoy.com, linked in the email, claims that “95% of the federal government agencies and what that government does is unconstitutional.” The site also claims that “We The People [sic] feel unheard regarding: election integrity, medical tyranny, the Marxist indoctrination in our school systems, out of control spending and inflation.”

The site provides maps of where the caravan will drive through.

“This convoy will consist of Patriots from Idaho, Nevada and Utah converging on Moab Utah February 18th [sic] in the year of our Lord 2022. The convoy will end with a freedom rally where the light of liberty will ignite and shine on the darkness of our political system,” the site says.

It provides no details of what protestors will do while in Moab, though Jason Preston, a Republican running to represent Utah’s third district who endorsed the convoy, indicated the convoy would stay the night then drive back.