Cosmo feb 18 22

It’s me, Cosmo the Library Cat again. A few weeks ago, I told you about the Moab Museum passes which can be borrowed from Grand County Public Library. This time I have even more news about the library-museum partnership. Our friends at the Moab Museum have begun creating a display of curios and artifacts right inside the library! The exhibit will change from time to time, but right now you can come take a gander at an interesting assortment of cool historical objects. There are even fish and clam fossils from long ago when this area was all covered in sea water. I dearly love seafood, but I soon discovered that these are not very fresh. Oh well. Also included in the display are some Historical Hats, including an old-fashioned Fire Chief’s helmet that looks very different from what these brave heroes wear these days. And there’s more! Next time you’re visiting the library, don’t forget to stop and admire this fascinating new museum display right across from the Information Desk! Meow for now, my friends!