Cosmo_Feb 4 2022

Cosmo the Library Cat here, with an update for you. There’s been some unusual activity in the boardroom at the Grand County Public Library recently. A few weeks ago, librarians began unpacking enormous boxes and setting up odd shelves with water hoses and lights running through them.

“Those can’t be for books,” I thought to myself. “Even I know that books and water are a bad mix!” Well, I wasn’t wrong. It’s a hydroponic system for growing edible plants. The library is partnering with the Youth Garden Project and BEACON Afterschool to teach young people about the science of growing edible crops. The first seeds have already sprouted and some very smart kids in the “Grow with the Flow Club” have begun tending them and learning about all the things plants need to thrive. They’ve promised me that they’ll plant some catnip directly and I’m very excited to watch it sprout into a yummy treat. Feel free to pop in and take a look. It’s pretty cool! See you at the library, friends!