Cosmo Jan 28 2022

Cosmo the Library Cat here with some fantastic news. Everyone knows cats are curious creatures and, if you’re like me, you might find yourself wondering about the history of this town we call home. When I’m feeling extra curious, I like to stroll down to the marvelous Moab Museum. When I get there, I show them the Museum Pass that I borrowed from Grand County Public Library…and they let me in for free! You can do that too, my friends! If you have a library card, you can check out a Museum Pass for up to two weeks and take your whole household to explore the Moab Museum. I could spend all day in there. That place is chock-full of interesting stories and fascinating items: Dinosaur bones! Mammoth tusks! Relics of famous Moab characters, like Charlie Steen’s boots or a special exhibit of Hopi Katsinas!

The folks at the library and museum love to encourage curiosity and learning, so creating this free pass for the Moab community was a perfect way for them to work together. If you don’t already have a library card you can get one quite easily. You can come to the library in person or sign up online by going to Then you can place a hold on one of these passes and start planning your museum visit right away. I promise you’ll be amazed… but take a tip from me: don’t try to take a nap in their display of ancient baskets!

Call the Grand County Public Library to learn more at 435-259-1111.