Cosmo's Corner Dec. 10, 2021

Hi everyone! Cosmo the Library Cat here! Did you know there’s an always-happening book sale in the lobby of Grand County Public Library? The Friends of the Library have been very busy sorting through donations and stocking the shelves in the lobby with lots of fresh items.

Instead of having a big sale a few times a year, the Library Lobby Book Sale is ongoing during library hours. You can find some amazing treasures here, I’m told. As well as all kinds of books, there are movies, audiobooks, music CDs and even puzzles on offer. All the proceeds go to support the library, so you can consider your lobby shopping spree a good deed! Just know that the library can’t process credit cards, so bring a little cash. Personally, I love the view from the top of the bookshelves, and sometimes I take a nap up there, but please remember: I am not for sale!