Hello friends! It’s me, Cosmo the Library Cat again! What do you think of my new outfit? My ears and whiskers get a little smooshed in the helmet, but it’s pretty comfy otherwise! I’m all set to explore outer space and I hope you’ll join me! Here’s how (no space suit required):

During the month of December, everyone is invited to participate in our NASA@My Library online reading challenge for all ages! You’ll get fun registration and completion rewards and unlock virtual badges while earning tickets towards super cool prize drawings by logging the time you spend reading, being read to, or listening to audiobooks. Only 4 hours of reading are required to complete the challenge by Dec. 31.

If you want, you can even earn extra tickets by doing fun activities while you learn all about NASA’s amazing new James Webb Space Telescope! Prizes include gift certificates for local astronomy tours and there are special treasures for children who finish the challenge!

All the details can be found by visiting, or you can call the library at 435-259-1111 for more info.

Meow for now, folks!

P.S. If I were to hitch a ride into space, would that make me a “Cosmonaut”?