The Moab Monster Movie Mash film-making challenge screened 10 films created for the challenge on Oct. 30 at historic Star Hall, just in time for Halloween.

Submitted films were from both locals and out-of-towners, professionals and amateurs and everyone in-between. Abandoned mines were popular in the films, all of which are under 10 minutes and fall into five categories: “Cursed Treasure in Them Hills,” “Ghosts of the West,” “The Devil Went Down to Moab,” “The Beast from the Red Rocks,” and “The Dark Desert.”

Presented by the Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission along with SLC-based organization Filmulate, which hosts genre-specific film festivals, honors were given for Best Film and Best Acting to “Rock and Roll.” Best Direction was awarded to Grand County’s Matthew Andrew for “Abandoned.” Best Death and Best Scare went to “The Mine,” while Best Tale was awarded to “Old City.”

Best Editing went to “Steady Hand” and Best Hero was given to “Red Scare.” With a catchy theme song, “The Thing from Yellow Creek” was awarded Best Sound and Best Atmosphere. “It’s Getting Dark,” which played with Moab’s mysterious Monolith, took the Audience Choice award.

All films can be screened at for some post-Halloween scares.