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Mayoral candidate Norm Knapp has withdrawn from the City of Moab mayoral election.

Three Moab governance positions are up for election in 2021: the position of mayor and two positions on the Moab City Council. Current mayor Emily Niehaus and council members Karen Guzman-Newton and Mike Duncan are not running for re-election.

Six people are still in the running for mayor: Sherri Costanza, Aaron Davies, Kent Green, Joette Langianese, Stephen Stocks, and Bill Winfield. The position of mayor is an elected, nonpartisan position with a term of four years.

In this election, Moab is participating in ranked choice voting. Mail-in ballots will be sent to voters the week of October 11, and are due back by November 1. Election day is November 2.

The elected mayor will begin their term in January 2022.

Knapp had previously run for mayor in 2016, and currently owns Canyonlands Auto Sales. He also serves on the airport board.

For the two city council positions, six people declared candidacy: Anthony Charles, Randall Fox, Josie Kovash, Mike McCurdy, Jason Taylor, and Luke Wojciechowski.

The elected officials will join current city council members Rani Derasary, Kalen Jones, and Tawny Knuteson-Boyd.