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Behind the iron gate adjacent to Legends Barber Shop, sunflowers bloom along a garden path. A colorful table and chairs sit underneath a tree before a white door with a decal reading: Adobe Garden Apothecary, established in 2021.

The apothecary was founded by Desirae Miller, who has lived in Moab for the past five years. Adobe Garden will be one of Moab’s only businesses owned by a queer Black woman.

“I’m very happy to bring that kind of representation to Moab and to create a safe space for all identities,” Miller said. “Representing the intersectionality between my Blackness and queerness feels impactful.”

Upon entering the store, shoppers are greeted by rows of glass jars filled with spices, tea and herbs, from shiitake mushrooms to paprika to beeswax. Ideally, patrons will bring their own containers to fill with the store’s natural goods, but Miller has also provided bags and jars.

“I’ve felt a strong calling to plant medicine,” she said. A few other tables and shelves showcase locally-made goods like candles, prints, mortar-and-pestle sets and stickers.

“I felt like there was a community need for herbs and natural medicine, and it’s always nice to shop local rather than ordering these goods online,” Miller said. “I also wanted to create a community space for locals.”

Though the idea of an apothecary had been swimming in Miller’s head for quite some time, her dream became a reality in a matter of weeks. After finishing her time at Seekhaven Family Crisis and Resource Center as a sexual assault service provider in June, she leased the space for her store, filled the empty space with herbs and held a soft opening on July 28.

“This space is going to fluctuate and mold to what the community asks for,” Miller said. She envisions customers requesting certain herbs and spices and eventually hosting local artists for events in the store’s outdoor area. “I can already see how we can grow in the first six months. The shop is going to be constantly ebbing and flowing.”

Adobe Garden Apothecary will be open daily from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. The store is located at 225 S. 400 East and shares a driveway with Legends Barber Shop.