Tanyon Griffith. [Photo: Lexi Carroll]

Grand County High School’s students of the month for March are Tanyon Griffith and Eli Taylor! Both exhibit an enormous amount of character, grit and citizenship. Not only that, they excel in the classroom while juggling other hobbies and activities.

Tanyon Griffith, the daughter of Beth Logan and Mark Griffith, is a junior here at Grand County High School. She enjoys participating in the marching band color guard, horseback riding, and mounted archery. Tanyon also works for a retail store called “The FIND.”

“Tanyon is sweet, thoughtful and very bright. She is willing to volunteer for classroom activities,” said Laura Reed, her science teacher.

Tanyon’s brightness and optimism enable her to believe that life has to get hard before it gets better.

“You have to know the dark before you can appreciate the light,” she said.

GCHS staff and faculty share that though Tanyon has a full schedule and challenging classes, she always goes that extra mile and continues to engage with the material in her personal time.

Tanyon is someone who throws herself into the arts and sciences. She said that art courses give her a “place I can detune and get back in my own head, away from the math homework I have to that night and the Chemistry quiz tomorrow.”

Tanyon plans to complete some college work in Utah and major in astrology after transferring to University of Colorado-Boulder.

“I am fascinated with finding other life out there, how black holes work, and the mysteries of the universe,” said Tanyon.

Eli Taylor is the son of Drake Taylor and Hélène Boyer. Eli is finishing up his senior year here at Grand County High School and enjoys being a starter on the soccer team and charging on the mountain biking team. He has also volunteered at the Grand County Food Bank. He has been working at Poison Spider Bicycles for over a year.

Eli has an open mind and enjoys aspects of every class he takes. His advice to those still in school is: “Listen and attempt to understand, even if it gets challenging.”

Eli is just a great person to be around and always spreads contagious positivity. His peers enjoy the kind and humble personality he always displays.

“Calm, self-confident, and good-natured, Eli is a great addition to any classroom,” said Josh Cameron, Eli’s junior year AP Language and Composition teacher. “Also, the man is one with the longboard.”

Eli challenges himself with Advanced Placement Literature and Calculus so he can be prepared to attend college at the University of Colorado-Boulder.