If you held on to your Buy Local Bucks coupons, you’re out of luck: the successful program has concluded after Grand County residents spent $100,000 in funding at local businesses.

Officials said they were pleased with the program’s popularity.

“The program allowed residents to have extra money to spend where needed and businesses to receive extra money during our slow, winter season,” said Moab Mayor Emily Niehaus. “Both residents and businesses won with this program. It was the best way for the City to repurpose our COVID dollars and spread the love.”

99 businesses participated in the program, and early data suggests that the majority of residents chose to spend the $45 in vouchers at local grocery stores. Over $10,000 in coupons was redeemed for general merchandise and hardware supplies and restaurants accounted for over $4,500 in spending. Residents donated more than $1,600 in coupons to two local nonprofit groups.

$100K spent at local businesses