[Photo: Karisa Larsen]

“We’re really excited to have Lexi,” says Grand County High School basketball coach Andrea Noyes. Lexi is a starter on the team in just her first year playing, and has shown drive and determination as well as maintaining straight As.

“Her natural charisma and lightheartedness has made her a leader that the other girls really look up to,” says coach Noyes. “Lexi has a way of grounding the team and gives guidance to other players; a real asset to the team.”

Lexi is skilled at handling the ball and has come up big in some key situations for the team with clutch buzzer-beaters. Coaches say she is proficient shooting inside or outside the paint.

“She’s super versatile. She’s left-handed, so it gives opposing players trouble anticipating her driving to the basket. She’s a real force to be reckoned with,” says Noyes.

Congrats, Lexi!

Basketball team benefits from young starter