Imagine if Moab became the Mecca for electric OHVs. Oh, I realize that there are all sorts of impediments to this vision. However, as the old saying goes, would we ever attempt ANYTHING if we only ever thought of all the reasons why it wouldn’t work? I mean, I wouldn’t even grow a garden if I only considered all the things that might stand in the way of its growth.

Anyways, we (Moab) have a moratorium on new OHV rental shops (because of the noise factor). But what if, say, we allowed new permits for electric OHVs? Might that create motivation to explore this possibility?

Now, personally, I happen to feel strongly that the amount of visitor traffic that we presently have is degrading the same spectacular backcountry that attracts these people here. And ANY new OHV shop would increase that. But that’s merely one of the impediments. And I’m certain that we’ll find a solution to this issue; further, the Travel Council’s educational campaign is already making some inroads here.

So let’s not let the hurdles stop us from moving forward with creating/maintaining the high-quality community that we already are privileged to enjoy. We can put a feather in Moab’s cap by turning this idea into a reality. Just like we did with becoming a Blue Sky Community! Let’s brainstorm on just how we can make something like this work for ourselves.

MB Tatsy Guild