[Photo: Grand County Public Library]

Hello and meow everyone. It’s Cosmo, the Library Cat! I’ve never been to school, but I’m always curious and interested in learning new things. Because of this, I’ve been checking out the Grand County Public Library’s online Learning Express Library and its School Center collection. You can access this site by visiting https://tinyurl.com/gcpldigital. School Center has tutorials, ebooks and practice tests to help students from the fourth grade through high school build their academic skills. I wondered how the practice tests worked, so I tried a few to help build my mathematics skills. After each test, you can click on your score to see where you’ve done well, where you need improvement and view explanations for the answers you got wrong. The tests have been very helpful, and since they are just for practice, they don’t make me feel nervous like real tests. I am also learning about mathematics by reading an ebook I downloaded from the site after I took my first test. It’s called Basic Math in 15 Minutes a Day. If you need extra help with the topics you’re studying in school, or if you’re like me and just like to learn new things, I highly recommend checking this out in the Grand County Public Library’s digital collections.