Many recent nursing graduates from Utah State University Moab have stayed in the community, on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19 at Moab Regional Hospital.

The nursing program at USU Moab works closely with the Moab Regional Hospital led by Connie Wilson and Rachel Parker. In addition to their roles as faculty, Wilson and Parker are RNs at Moab Regional. Students at USU Moab have the opportunity to work inside the hospital, receiving hands-on training.

“In Moab we can train our students locally,” Wilson said. “We are a small hospital and because of tourism, we see everything.”

“At first it seemed overwhelming because there are so many unknowns in my head,” said 2020 nursing graduate Andrea Bane. “I was new to the field and it is already crazy to be a new graduate entering the field with COVID, it’s ever-changing with new data that comes out and, in my unit, we are always adapting to the constant changes in the respiratory evaluation. I don’t really know what the experience was like before COVID.”

Daysha Talbert graduated from USU Moab in May and currently works as a registered nurse on the Medical-Surgical floor.

“Working in the medical field during COVID-19 has been a learning experience unlike any other,” Talbert said. “The biggest influence in combating the virus has been wearing proper PPE [personal protective equipment] not only when seeing patients, but also when near co-workers. Hand washing has always been a huge deal in the medical field and this year it has been another reminder of why it’s so important for patient safety and my own safety.”

Those who show any symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to get tested at Moab Regional Hospital. The tests are covered by insurance and there is no charge for those without health insurance.

To talk to a nurse about symptoms and schedule a test, call the Moab Regional Hospital COVID-19 hotline at 435-719-3998.