Maggie Wilkowske

Seventh-grade Student of the Month: Austin Paris.

Austin exemplifies everything that a student of the month should represent. Austin is a great student in the classroom, where he strives to reach his full potential. Austin is also very kind and considerate of other students and looks out for students who may need extra help. Austin enjoys being challenged at school and with extracurricular activities. He loves to play football and baseball. Austin is a three-time National Wrestling Champion and hopes one day to wrestle at Ohio State University. He loves to travel and his favorite subject is English. Austin’s advice to his fellow classmates is: “Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.”

Eighth-grade Student of the Month: Maggie Wilkowske

Maggie has demonstrated academic and citizenship skills that have made her stand out during September. She participates in all of her classes, adding interesting information and giving her opinion in a way that is well thought-out and that all can understand. Maggie is a good role model for her peers. Her work ethic shows that she cares about her school work. She plays the violin in Orchestra and she says that, although she has to be told to practice, she loves to play. “She is dedicated to the violin group, she helps those around her and is an integral part of her section,” her Strings teacher reports. Maggie has one sister named Inga and a dog named Rocket. Her family is from Minnesota and she loves going to the lakes. Maggie loves to swim and swims laps just for fun. Her favorite thing to do is go tubing and her favorite subject in school is history. Maggie’s advice to her fellow classmates is: “Take one thing at a time.”

Congratulations, Austin and Maggie!