Heading home from a hike on Saturday morning, I turned onto 500 West from Kane Creek. A car loaded with bikes passed me going at least 40 m.p.h. on their way to the trails. On my way to run errands later in the day, a car tailgated me for six blocks on 500 West until I got to the 4-way stop. He then passed me on the shoulder, turned in front of me, then stopped in the middle of the intersection and proceeded to cuss me out because I was driving 25 m.p.h. To top my day off, as I was approaching the intersection near the Aquatic Center I watched one side-by-side stop and continue on through the intersection while his four buddies behind him blatantly ran the stop sign so they could stay in their noisy pack.

Mayor and City Council: after a day like this I am reluctant to ever leave my house again. Please find the money in our budget to fully fund the police department so they can help stem the outright lawlessness that exists every day on our residential streets.

Allison Brown