Hi everyone, it’s Cosmo the Library Cat. I’ve been a little sad this week because the Grand County Public Library Summer Reading Challenge is over. However, I cheered up when I found out that our friends at Arches National Park have made new activity bags for us! I pounced on them as soon as they arrived.

These activity bags commemorate the founding of the National Park Service and the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. Each bag has an activity sheet that talks about Alice Paul, an American suffragist and how she and others fought to gain the right for women to vote. There are also fun crafts that I completed with a lot of help from my librarians. For one, I did a craft called “Party in the Park” where I made a cactus and a lizard and arranged them together. That was my favorite craft since I like lizards so much. If you would like your own bag, you can pick them up for free via curbside pickup at the library while supplies last. They are suitable for early elementary children. We also still have to-go activity bags available from our Summer Reading Challenge.