I never, ever, patronize our local fast-food chains. Recently, however, I was craving a fish sandwich. Milt’s has a pretty good fish sandwich but was closed for some reason. So against my better instincts, I pulled into McDeadly’s for a fish sandwich and fries.

Got ‘em. The sandwich came on a soggy bun with a cold lump of equally soggy fish. No lettuce, tomato or onion, just a glob of tartar sauce for $4.50! The fries were also cold and limp, and cost $3.50!! Unbelievable. The actual cost of the “food” was probably less than half-a-buck.

The hoped-for quick lunch was, in a word, inedible. I gave it to the dog, who quite liked it, but keep in mind he is also partial to dead animals and scattered feces on our walks in the back 40.

There’s plenty of good local food around here folks. Moonflower is great. Village Market has stepped up its game quite a bit – they even have sushi; and on and on. There are plenty of locally-owned places where you can get in and out quickly with good food at a reasonable price.

We’re talking lunch or grab ‘n go. Going out for dinner is a separate subject for which again, we are fortunate to have many excellent options.

Bottom line: buy local. Eat local. It’s well worth it.

Steve Russell