I am opposed to the proposed bike skills park. After reading and hearing more about how this thing has gone down I’m stunned that the city is willing to move forward with this when city employees are being laid off and those who remain are having their benefits cut and are working part-time. It frustrates me hearing that no one in the neighborhood was made aware of this park until they saw it recently in the paper. This whole thing has my head spinning!

We’re surrounded by immense amounts of public lands and miles upon miles of dirt roads. We are the mountain biking capital of the world and the city wants to build a park so people can learn bike skills? What? Why?! I learned how to bike by riding around the region just like loads of other people have in Moab for the last 30 years.

Putting in a new bike park that will of course attract tourists and traffic in a quiet neighborhood, in an uncrowded amazing section of the pathway is wrong, misguided and to be blunt, stupid. This project makes city officials look tone-deaf in this time of pandemic and financial crisis. Save the city $$, protect our quiet neighborhoods, protect the Mill Creek ecosystem and, in the future, try to be more considerate and have more empathy for people who live next to new proposed developments. When the city is finally back on its feet and has extra cash to throw at projects why not have TerraSophia put in one of their wonderful permaculture gardens in that area? Imagine bee gardens and fruit trees, a lush wonderful space for nature to thrive.

Kiley Miller