Zoe Olsen

The Grand County Students of the Month for April are Beachem Bosh and Zoe Olsen.

Seventh-grader Beachem Bosh is an excellent communicator, always making his questions clear. His teachers report that he is always polite and professional when it comes to discussing topics over email. It is obvious he cares about his learning and his teachers by how much effort and dedication he is putting into his school work.

Since the school has started online classes, Beachem has made an effort to keep up with his work, retaking quizzes, and making an effort to turn things in on time. He even sends emails thanking his teachers for the work they do. His teachers are also thankful to him for his hard work, communication, and thoughtfulness.

Beachem has two dogs, loves to play football and likes going on hikes or riding a side-by-side. His advice to other students is “to keep your head up no matter how hard it gets. In the end, it will all be worth it.”

Eighth-grader Zoe Olsen is the epitome of the quietly competent student, say teachers at the Grand County Middle School. She goes about her work independently and does not clamour for the spotlight. At the same time, she is more than willing to help those around her by sharing her great insight. Zoe is also very kind, considerate and polite. She takes on challenges, including becoming a very valuable member of this year’s quiz bowl team.

Zoe spends most of her free time reading for enjoyment and to increase her vocabulary. She plays the violin, piano, and the ukulele. Her favorite game is Nerts. Zoe likes chess, but since her younger brother always beats her at it she’s decided that it can’t be her favorite anymore.

Zoe likes to spend time on the water, whether it be swimming or rafting. Zoe’s advice to her classmates is “Find a goal or something to work towards and stay motivated. It makes doing hard things easier when you are working towards something that is meaningful to you.”