The City of Moab has issued an order closing playground equipment, drinking fountains and restrooms in all city parks until further notice to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“The City has made the decision to close the parks in order to limit contact between people and the equipment,” explained City Manager Joel Linares. “The City does not have the capacity to sanitize and clean the equipment between uses and the contagion rate is an ongoing issue.”

The order also prohibits all team sports and pick-up games in city parks and limits gatherings to fewer than 10 people. City facilities include Swanny Park, Rotary Park, Old City Park, Center Street Ball Field and Lions Park, as well as other small parks with no playgrounds or restroom facilities.

The City of Moab, Linares said, has the authority to issue fines or citations to violators of the order. The citations could include unlawful assembly and trespassing. However, Linares said the City hopes such enforcement won’t be necessary.

“Currently, the City has observed that the residents of Moab seem to be complying and we would like to thank them,” he said.

The notice reminds citizens to stay home if they are exhibiting symptoms of illness, follow CDC guidelines on personal hygiene and remain six feet away from others while using parks or trails.

Closures seek to prevent disease spread