This map shows the parcels within the Sand Flats Recreation Area that were considered for oil and gas development outlined in red. The area outlined in purple is Moab city limits. [Moab Sun News]

I am disturbed by the news that the BLM plans to offer oil and gas leases in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. Didn’t we recently celebrate the creation of the Slickrock Trail? Isn’t the BLM a partner with the county in providing the beautiful camping, hiking and biking area in Sand Flats, which is a huge tourist draw? 

I don’t understand what the BLM can be thinking to lease these two parcels on the doorstep of Arches National Park and Moab! These parcels lie within a designated Recreation Area and between high-quality pristine lands proposed for wilderness designation.

Drilling there could also threaten the aquifer and watershed that feeds Moab’s water supply. Please, city and county officials, tell the BLM to drop these parcels from any lease sale!

Marcia Tendick, Moab

Sand Flats areas considered for oil and gas lease / Jan 16, 2020