Capitol Reef National Park will begin a pilot mandatory Canyoneering Permit System starting Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020.

Permits will be free of charge and require self-registration located at Capitol Reef National Park’s visitor center or online at the park’s website at

These permits will be required for all canyoneering and climbing activities within the park.

“Capitol Reef staff have observed a substantial increase in canyoneering and rock climbing activities in the park in the past 10 years,” said Joshua Olson, park ranger. “The pilot permit system will allow managers to track use and determine levels and locations of activity. Regulations are listed on the permit and on the park website. No personal information is required and there is no limit to the number of permits given.”

Capitol Reef manages backcountry camping with a similar permit system. Backcountry permits are still issued at the visitor center, not online.

“These efforts help park managers understand visitor use and recreation and the impacts to park resources, which provides valuable information when making management decisions to preserve and protect Capitol Reef,” Olson said. “Canyoneering and rock climbing are inherently dangerous recreational activities and visitors should exercise caution and prepare accordingly.”

Capitol Reef does not provide assistance or information regarding canyoneering or climbing routes, or preparation, so visitors are asked to plan ahead.

To acquire a permit, visitors can either fill one out in person at the visitor center or do so online at the park website or by calling 435-425-3791.