A dog fight disrupted the Holiday Art and Craft Fair. [Photo courtesy of Cactus Moloney]

The spirit of the season quickly turned from merry to mayhem during Saturday’s Holiday Art and Craft Fair at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center when a dog fight erupted in the basement.

An escaped American Pitbull Terrier wandered into the festivities at the MARC, walking past booths on the main floor and then heading for the basement.

“As soon as I saw the other dog, I knew we were in trouble,” essential oil distiller and vendor Eric Bresselsmith said.

Although the MARC does not usually allow animals, Bresselsmith had been given permission to have his border collie mix at the event.

When the two dogs began to fight in a tight hallway space, one vendor reached in and grabbed the Pitbull by its collar.

The owner of the loose dog arrived at the end of the spectacle and was issued a citation by the Moab City Police Department.