Over 30 members of the Rocky Mountain Community Radio Coalition traveled to Moab to attend the annual conference, held by KZMU Radio. [Photo courtesy of KZMU Radio]

Moab’s own community radio station hosted the Rocky Mountain Community Radio Coalition’s annual conference on Nov. 13, 14 and 15.

The Rocky Mountain Community Radio Coalition is comprised of more than 20 community radio stations from Utah and Colorado. Affiliated stations broadcast diverse news and music programming with an emphasis on serving their communities.

KZMU Station Director Serah Mead called the local effort to organize and produce the multi-day, multi-session conference “a triumph.”

“KZMU was thrilled to be able to host this event,” said Mead. “It was a wonderful way to showcase the talent and dedication of KZMU’s staff, board, and volunteers.”

The theme for the conference was “Rural and Proud,” featuring speakers from Marfa Public Radio, the Green River Epicenter and other public radio stations in the region.

“I chose this theme because I think it’s important to use our roles as members of public media to lift up and highlight the voices and experiences of rural communities, said Mead.

“This is how we can begin to make positive change from within—of, by, and for all of the community.”