A.J. Bolos and Milo Birdwell [Photo courtesy of Bri Henderson Photography]

Grand County High School’s students of the month for October 2019 are A.J. Bolos and Milo Birdwell.

Milo Birdwell

Milo is a senior at Grand County High School (GCHS) and the son of Chelsea and Drew Birdwell.

His favorite subjects in school are AP Calculus and AP Literature because “they push me to think deeper and more critically.”

While AP Literature is one of his favorites, he says it is also his most challenging because he has to work hard to excel.

“Milo was one of my anchors in the class,” says AP Language teacher Joshua Cameron. “He has what we call in education ‘intellectual curiosity.’”

“When I approach most classes,” Milo explains, “it’s to get as much knowledge as I can out of it. I don’t just go through the lessons day-by-day. I want to know more just because . . . well, I just want to know more.”

Milo has been a part of the Red Devils basketball team, GCHS’s student government and the National Honor Society throughout high school. He has also been a part of Young Life, a Christian mentorship organization, for multiple years.

GCHS principal Dr. Stephen Hren says, “Milo has grown into a positive leader for our school community and is a role model in the classroom and in the sports arena. He can always be counted upon to do his best.”

Outside of school, Milo works with the Moab City Recreation Office as an umpire and a field crew member. He officiates for baseball games and cleans the fields.

After high school, he plans on attending the University of Utah Honors College. He plans to have a career as a mechanical engineer.

A.J. Bolos

A.J. Bolos is also a senior at GCHS. She is the daughter of Chris and Tara Bolos.

A.J.’s favorite classes are the ones that challenge her, like honors math, calculus and chemistry.

“They make me think and work, and I learn more because of it,” she says. “Those classes are challenging because the concepts are hard. But we aren’t babied either. The teachers support us and give us what we need, but still force us to think for ourselves and put in effort.”

She has participated in the National Honors Society and is the Student Body Vice President of GCHS. She has worked with the Youth Garden Project and community clean-up at Ken’s Lake.

Dr. Hren says that A.J. “is one of the most positive students to grace the halls of GCHS. She is willing to help anyone and is a student who wants to learn something new at all times.”

Associate Principal Dr. Marable adds, “I have witnessed A.J. step up and lead with ninth-grade orientation and communicating with the entire school through daily announcements. Whatever endeavor is asked of her, her self-confidence and enthusiasm come through naturally.”

A.J. has been a server, hostess, and busser at a local restaurant for almost four years and balances a heavy work schedule with high expectations for herself in her courses.

After school, she plans on living an adventurous life and traveling.

“The outdoors, the unknown and adventures are my passion,” A.J. says. “So as long as I am following my passion, I’ll be happy. My job or how much money I have will never be the source of my happiness, but the people I’m with and what I do with my free time will.”