Jordyn Reidhead and Griffin Shannon. [Photo by Bri Henderson /  Grand County High School staff]

Grand County High School’s students of the month for September 2019 are Jordyn Reidhead and Griffin Shannon.

Subhead: Jordyn Reidhead

Jordyn Reidhead is the daughter of Jamie and Keith Reidhead. She is a senior at Grand County High School.

Reidhead says her favorite class can’t be narrowed down to one. Her favorites include English, Woods, and being an office aide. Her favorite classes are primarily determined by the faculty and staff, and the environment they create.

Reidhead has been a part of many school sports and activities. She has been on the swim, tennis, golf, cheerleading, and soccer teams. She has been involved in the National Honor Society and student government. She is currently Grand County High School’s Student Body President.

Grand County High School’s 11th grade English teacher, Josh Cameron, has a lot to say about Reidhead.

“Jordyn embodies Red Devil pride,” Cameron said. “She is always thinking of ways to make school a more welcoming and exciting place, from playing songs before school to simply being a friendly person. She’s always looking for ways to include more people in school activities. Aside from being a joy to teach, Jordyn is just an all-around good person.”

Reidhead has done a lot of community work with her church and student government. She said her grandfather set this legacy into motion – helping others as a way-of-being – and that her mother and herself carry it on.

Reidhead said that, after she graduates, she is going to Europe for six months through a company called ILP.

“I’ll be working in an orphanage with little kids!” she said.

After her work in the orphanage she plans to move to Hawaii.

Subhead: Griffin Shannon

Griffin Shannon is the son of Wes and Christie Shannon. He is a senior at Grand County High School.

Shannon does not have a favorite class because he feels that they all challenge him in different ways. He takes a rigorous course load, from multiple Advanced Placement (AP) courses to college classes.

He views AP English as his most challenging class because “it lacks structured answers.” His AP English teacher, Alanna Simmons-Cameron said, “Griffin may not find English easy, but you would never know it in class. He is always so game for rigor and embraces it head-on. He is kind, and really loves to learn and challenge himself. I think of his iconic curls, nerd-chic glasses and bring-it smile, and can’t help but hanker for the great discussion he brings.”

Shannon is on the high school’s boys golf team and has been since freshman year.

“Griffin is fun, intelligent, and involved. He did great in golf this season.” said Catherine Moore, high school art and photographer teacher.

He also helps out every week with the Moab Sun News’ feature “Word on The Street” along with A.J. Bolos. He keeps busy working at one of the local bike shops and bussing at two popular local restaurants.

After graduation, Shannon plans to attend the University of Utah (“The U”). He wants to get a degree in either computer science or medicine.