The Moab Valley Fire Department announced the results of the free yard waste disposal event that took place on Friday, July 26, through Sunday, July 28. The Solid Waste Special Service District and Monument Waste Services accepted leaves, grass and tree limbs for free. 

According to a July 31 fire department statement on social media, “just over 1,960 cubic yards of fire-fuels” were cleaned out of private properties during the event. 

The event was sponsored in a partnership between the Grand County Council; the Moab City Council; the Moab City Police Department; the Grand County Sheriff’s Office; the City of Moab; Grand County Emergency Management; the Southeast Utah Health Department; the Utah Department of Natural Resources; the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands; the Moab Valley Fire Department; and Rim to Rim Restoration.

The Solid Waste Special Service District will attempt to reclaim the majority of this material through a partnership with the City of Moab’s Public Works Department by using its wood chipper to convert the material to usable mulch. 

The fire department gave “big thanks” to both Monument Waste Services and the Solid Waste Special Service District “for waiving fees, donating their time and machinery, and paying workers over time to ensure the public would have access to disposal services” as well as “a great big huge ‘thank you’ to all Grand County for helping us reduce the risks of another devastating fire.”