Dear Editor:

When I saw the headline on Lynn Jackson’s editorial “Where is the love?” (Moab Sun News, June 27), I thought, how wonderful, something positive and neighborly from Mr. Jackson. But, sadly not so.

For the record, there are several thousand of us in Grand County who think that the present council is doing a “grand” job, and that includes those of us who live out in Spanish Valley, on the edge of San Juan County, and pay taxes in Grand County.

We’re heartened that the council is defending and looking after its own, even as local developers attempt to place a private airport in our midst, or a large corporation like Love’s in partnership with SITLA is ready to destroy the peace, quiet, clean air and night sky — as well as deplete the water — of neighborhoods that have been here for decades.

It matters to us that a 24-hour, 13-acre, 53-diesel-bay facility will fill our air with fumes, our ears with 24/7 noise, flood our night sky with light and act as a great little way-station for drug traffickers and prostitution.

Thank goodness it matters to our county council.

Thank you so much Grand County Council. We appreciate you now more than ever.

E. J. Gore

Spanish Valley