Charles S. Garlett [Courtesy photo]

Charles “Chuck” S. Garlett was born in Moab to Harrison Alexander Charles Garlett (Junior) and Patricia Anne Garlett (Pat) on Feb. 1, 1962.

He started mowing lawns at the age of seven and bought his first bike. This sparked his interest in one day owning his own business.  He always had jobs in the industry related to construction, working for Ken Turner and many more who helped teach him his trade. He achieved his dreams in being an official business owner of Chuck Garlett Construction at the age of 28. In 2000, he turned his LLC into a corporate business.

Garlett married Jennifer Tibbitts (Murphy) at the age of 21 and they had three children: Travis, Corie, and Taylor. He was always there to support his family however he could. Garlett claimed he was the luckiest dad alive since not many fathers could say that all three children made him proud. Garlett met Carla Erickson and married in 2001. Garlett and Carla created a very loving and happy home. He was a proud grandpa to four beautiful granddaughters; Carla’s granddaughter Brynlee Hopkins, Briar Anne Elizabeth Garlett, Haven Jean McCandless and Rozalyn Maeve McCandless. Toward the end of his life he found happiness in a new relationship with his girlfriend Selina and her son Paul. He was very close to his sister Pam and cherished the bond they had.

Garlett cherished his family, friends and the community of Moab. He had many passions such as hunting (his favorite was turkey hunting), fishing (his favorite was bass fishing), woodworking, snowmobiling, relaxing at his cabin, and telling stories with his family and friends.

Garlett was preceded in death by his father, Junior; mother, Pat; his late wife, Carla; and his granddaughter, Haven.  

Garlett is survived by his sister Pam Kidroske (Jon Kidroske); Travis Garlett (LaToya Garlett); Corie Garlett (Alonso Gonzalez); Taylor McCandless (Luke McCandless); and his granddaughters Brynlee, Briar and Rozalyn.

Funeral Service will be held on Thursday, May 16, at 11 a.m. at the Community Church. A viewing will be held one hour prior to the service. Burial will follow at the Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

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