Gracey Bylilly [Courtesty photo]

Gracey Bylilly is the Helen M. Knight Elementary’s Mayor-picked Student of the Month for May. Gracey is a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Grawet’s class. She is the daughter of Sheen Bylilly and Krystal Beason.

“Gracey is a great example of an excellent student citizen,” Mrs. Grawet said. “She does her best even when the work is hard. She takes her time and is careful to listen and follow directions.”

Her teachers say Gracey never gives up.

“She always has a good word for everyone and tries to encourage her classmates when they are struggling,” her teachers said.

“Gracey also offers to help in the classroom and help other students whenever she can,” Mrs. Grawet said. “Gracey has a great attitude and almost always has a smile on her face. Thanks for being so amazing, Gracey.”