Claude William Lawson [Courtesy photo]

Claude William Lawson passed away on April 27 at the age of 57 at his home in Moab. Lawson was born on Feb. 27, 1962, to Richard Lawson Jr. and Kathryn (Johnson) Lawson in Upland, California.

Lawson spent most of his youth in California, but later his family relocated to Grand Junction, Colorado, where he graduated high school.

Lawson married Marcie MacTaggart in 1982, and they were blessed with three sons, Christopher, Noah and Alek. They raised their family in Moab, and later divorced.    

Lawson owned a very successful construction business (Lawson Construction, Inc.) and was well respected in his trade. There was really nothing he couldn’t do. He was an honest, hardworking man. A handshake and your word meant more to him than anything on a piece of paper.  

Lawson was passionate about cars and loved to build custom hot rods that he would later turn for a profit. He could typically be found at his shop building and tinkering on old cars. He loved the outdoors and enjoyed camping, boating, and traveling with friends and family.

Lawson was an amazing person with an infectious smile who loved life and all living things. He was a lover of animals and if you were lucky enough to be his dog, you were living the life of a king. He had many great friends that enjoyed his company as he was the life of the party, and he had a great presence. He helped many in need with no expectations in return.

Nothing brought Lawson more satisfaction, frustration and joy than his three sons. He loved them with all he had, and was so proud of all of their accomplishments. He taught them the construction trade and they all are talented concrete layers. Most importantly, he taught them to enjoy the good things in life and be an honest and hard worker.

Lawson was preceded in death by his father, Richard Lawson Jr. He is survived by his three loving sons, Christopher B. Lawson; Noah M. Lawson; and Alek S. Lawson; a granddaughter, Sophie Sue Lawson; his mother, Kathryn Lawson; a brother, Kevin Lawson; his beloved dogs, Josie and Charlie, and many great friends.

Family and friends are invited to a celebration of life in honor of Lawson on Saturday, May 11, at noon at the Lawson shop, 210 Old Airport Rd., in Moab.

“It takes a REAL man to be called Claude.”

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