Dear Editor:

What has occurred over the past seven years of your life? Let’s take a moment to reflect … are you surprised by all that has changed and all that has grown? Now take a moment to be grateful for someone or something in your life.

So much happens in seven years: babies born, friends pass on, careers change, neighbors change, priorities shift, businesses open, some thrive and some close, relationships/friendships develop and our community holds strong. A community that has supported Moab Yoga for a full seven years.

March 1, 2012, a day Angela Houghton recalls big fluffy snowflakes falling while she swept the floor, watered the plants, opened the curtains and taught Moab Yoga’s first class. This is the inspiration that led Angela to open the yoga studio. It is to have a place filled with light and a space where all the teachers in town can teach and share their offerings. Now, seven years later, Angela experiences that the studio seems to have an energy of its own.

As with many small businesses, there have been many changes in life and in Moab that have had

Angela question whether the studio should or could continue. As with the practice of yoga’s discipline, reflection and patience, Moab Yoga has developed into a community within a community. Angela loves the inspiration and growth that the practice of yoga provides for people to feel their best.

Now that Moab Yoga has a solid foundation, Angela envisions broadening the offerings at the studio and that more people will deepen a personal practice, especially meditation. This broadening is supported by our wonderful teachers and their continual study, travel, and practicing of yoga themselves, as we are students first. We also listen to the needs of the students and community.

What Moab Yoga strives for is that all students, new and seasoned alike, try several classes and

find the ones that speak to them, that meet their needs. All of the teachers have unique personalities and approaches to the practice of yoga. One element of yoga that has held true for thousands of years is that it’s a practice of self-reflection and growth. Angela recognizes that yoga isn’t about touching your toes or about it being a performance. Angela believes it is what you learn on your way to a particular posture/pose and the connection you find to yourself on your mat.

Thank you, Moab, for seven amazing years … that someone we are grateful for, is you!

We invite you to Moab Yoga’s 7 Year Celebration on March 2 from 4 to 6 p.m. Enjoy tea and kombucha while meeting the teachers, explore the studio and enter to win prizes. This is a perfect occasion to ask questions and to learn about the new passes and prices.

Star Kolb