Moonflower Community Cooperative is a regular host in Moab for free wellness classes for community members. On Saturday, Jan. 26, the cooperative is hosting Build Your Own Apothecary with Rikki Longino, similar to how other workshops in the past have been held in-store. [Photo courtesy of Moonflower Community Cooperative]

Learn how to stock your homemade medicine cabinet with natural remedies at a Build Your Own Apothecary class, the first of three workshops in an introductory Winter Wellness series, on Saturday, Jan. 26 at Moonflower Community Cooperative, 39 E. 100 North.

Rikki Longino is teaching the series, which is also including workshops called Principles of Ayurveda and Identifying and Using Local Medicinal Plants. Gardeners and people interested in wildcrafting (foraging) may find the class to be helpful to preparing for the growing seasons ahead.

“If you have access to soil, seed and sun you can grow your own medicine,” Longino said. “These are ancient tools for knowing how to heal yourself. I’ll be laying out a toolkit to set up for your own life.”

The Build Your Own Apothecary workshop has three parts: daily care for chronic symptoms, acute care for colds and then an overview of first aid.

During the first part of the workshop, Longino is sharing herbal recommendations for daily care, which may entail a particular tea to drink each day for chronic health conditions. She will then discuss herbal treatments that address symptoms for acute illnesses such as colds. Finally, she is teaching about the supplies to have on hand for first aid.

Longino said she will give at least one option of care for each of those areas: chronic, acute and first aid.

“Everybody’s apothecary will look different,” Longino said. Individual apothecaries depend on each person’s needs and conditions.

“Moonflower is generous in providing the materials,” she said. “Attendees will go home with an apothecary starter kit.”

Workshop participants may receive a recommended tea or an herbal tincture for an acute illness. Longino said Oregon grape root, a plant that boosts the immune system, is one she uses, which she said is known to have an effect on helping with symptoms of the common cold.

The Winter Wellness Workshop Series are ongoing. Principles of Ayurveda is being taught on Feb. 16, and Identifying and Using Local Medicinal Plants is on Feb. 23.

“We have an education component of our budget dedicated to facilitating classes, workshops and other educational events,” said Steph Hamborsky, Moonflower’s community outreach and marketing coordinator.

“Community health is a human right,” Longino said.

Longino’s parents were both biologists; she said she grew up in the Pacific Northwest learning about plants.

“I was always fascinated with the natural world,” she said. “It became apparent I wanted to work with the healing aspects of plants.”

Her fascination led her to gardening and to study urban ecology at the University of Utah. She is the founder of The Mobile Moon Co-op, a traveling apothecary in a converted bus based in Salt Lake City.

“I started The Mobile Moon Co-op to create a space where people can come learn together,” she said.

She now spends her time between Moab and Salt Lake City and teaching at other locations and events around the country. With its original seats, heaters, walls and insulation removed, the bus has been upgraded with wooden walls and new insulation to create a public space in the front of the bus for mobile gatherings, classes and open tea shops. It’s currently held in storage in Salt Lake City and won’t be making a trip to Moab for this workshop, but Longino said to look for a full tour within the next two years.

Winter Wellness Workshop participants are encouraged to bring a pen to use to take notes. Notebooks, a basic apothecary kit and tea will be provided at the workshop.

Moonflower offers free workshop on herbal care and first aid

When: Saturday, Jan. 26, 2 to 4 p.m.

Where: Moonflower Community Cooperative, 39 E. 100 North

Cost: Free

Info: To learn more about the workshops or Moonflower Community Cooperative, visit or call 435-259-5712.

“If you have access to soil, seed and sun you can grow your own medicine. These are ancient tools for knowing how to heal yourself. I’ll be laying out a toolkit to set up for your own life.”