Department leadership is changing in the City of Moab’s finance department and at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center.

Longtime Moab City Recorder Rachel Stenta has been named as the city’s new finance director.

At the Moab Arts and Recreation Center (MARC), Liz Holland is the new manager with the recent departure of Meg Stewart. Both leadership changes were announced via a city press release on Jan. 14.

In her new position as Moab City Recorder, Stenta will focus on budgeting and revenue projections, financial analysis and strategic financial planning. She served as Moab City Recorder for 20 years.

Stenta will manage the city’s accounts receivable, billing and business licensing and oversees the Moab City Treasurer Department. The newly created position is appointed by Moab City Mayor Emily Niehaus.

“I am excited to focus my time, energy and skills in this area for our organization and our community,” Stenta said in the press release. “I value our city team and look forward to working more in depth with each member on our financial goals and strategies.”

Stewart left her position as arts and special events manager the MARC and is returning to her home state of Virginia to be closer to family, she said in the press release. Stewart has been the manager at the MARC since 2016.

Holland, the MARC’s new arts and special events assistant, has been promoted to the manager position and Makeda Barkley will fill the assistant’s job.

“I have truly enjoyed my time as the arts and special events manager for the City of Moab,” Stewart said. “What a whirlwind of art, community and beautiful connections I have had the chance to explore over the last three years.”

Holland said she is “excited and eager” to take the helm at the MARC and looks forward to working with the community.

“I hope to keep the momentum of our growing arts community moving forward,” Holland said.

Stenta assumes new finance director position; Stewart departs from MARC