Dear Editor:

With the election — and all of its divisiveness — now behind us, didn’t it feel good to live in a country in which we have the right to vote?

Breaking with a more than century old tradition of including and respecting its voters, the current Grand County School Board has decided we voters don’t deserve that right when it comes to choosing whether to borrow up to $27 million to build a new middle school; worse yet, the cost to repay this debt would increase by over a million dollars because we voters weren’t given a chance to vote on the issue.

Thankfully, Utah has a law that allows voters the right to request an election to approve or reject this borrowing, but we have only a little more than two weeks to do it.

Here is your chance, no matter your political views, to unify our community by requesting an election to allow voters to decide whether or not the school district should borrow such a large amount.

Please preserve your right to vote by signing the following, and either send it to P.O. Box 727, Moab, Utah, 84532, or call 435-260-1563 for someone to pick it up and/or answer any questions.  

To the Board of Trustees of the Local Building Authority of Grand County School District:

The undersigned active voter(s) in and of the Grand County School District hereby request(s) an election for voters of the Grand County School District to approve or reject Bonds in the amount of up to $27 million as described in pubic notices placed by the Grand County School District on Oct. 25, 2018.

Thank you, Editor, for the chance to be heard.

Tom Lacy