On Saturday, Oct. 20, community members are gathering for a harvest luncheon at Sorrel River Ranch. [Photo courtesy of Sorrel River Ranch]

Sorrel River Ranch and the Youth Garden Project (YGP) are hosting a harvest luncheon on Saturday, Oct. 20.

YGP’s series of garden dinner fundraisers occur during the peak growing season. Earlier this year, YGP held two garden dinner fundraisers with volunteer chefs from Yummy Town Food Truck and Moab Kitchen.

As the 2018 growing season comes to a close, Sorrel River Ranch and YGP are hosting a multi-course luncheon. The luncheon begins at 1 p.m. at Sorrel River Ranch, located at mile 17, State Route 128.

All proceeds from this event directly benefit YGP’s youth and community programs. YGP is a nonprofit organization with a mission to cultivate healthy children, families and community through educational programs and connecting people with food from seed to table.

Tickets for the luncheon are $100 per person and include a locally-sourced multi-course harvest meal,

wine and spirits and the option to take a complimentary shuttle. Reservations are required and space is limited. For reservations, go online to youthgardenproject.org/#event or call the YGP office at 435-259-2326. For questions and more information, contact YGP’s executive director, Kaitlin Thomas, at kaitlin@youthgardenproject.org.

Luncheon benefits youth programs