The Ripcord juice blend is made with fresh pineapple, local greens, orange, ginger and lime. [Photo courtesy of Lauren Flores]

Moab’s only cold-pressed juice and superfood smoothie food truck is displaying a new menu of seasonal juice blends.

The sun’s reflection on the chrome of a renovated 1968 trailer greets customers stepping into the piazza that is home to All Good Superfresh. Located at 56 W 100 South, the juice and smoothie food truck shares a space with the Moab Backyard Theater.

Inside the food truck, a variety of fresh produce is cold-pressed into juices that are mixed when a drink order is placed.

Current juice blends on the All Good Superfresh menu are Alkalaide (local greens, cucumber, green apple, lemon and ginger); Spigot (watermelon, beet, lime and mint); Ripcord (pineapple, local greens, orange, ginger and lime); Afterglow (carrot, coconut water, beet, ginger and cayenne); and Wu-tangy (pineapple, carrot, orange, ginger beet and lemon).

Cold-pressed juices are not heated or pasteurized. Once the juice is made through the cold-press method, it’s compressed with nitrogen and refrigerated to maintain freshness.

Recent transplants from Austin, Texas, Lauren Flores and Philip Doucette are the owners and creators of the juices and smoothies at All Good Superfresh. They have a combined 13 years of experience working at juice and smoothie bars, but have only been serving their refreshments in Moab for about two months.

“We really have a passion for it,” Doucette said. “We’ve been a part of this lifestyle for a while through work and just at home … we’ve always had juicers and blenders. It’s always fun just coming up with new and special ingredients we can throw in a blender and make something good out of it, and sometimes something not so good. It’s a development process.”

They incorporate as much local and organic produce into their drinks as possible. The menu is updated as the produce becomes available; fresh orange juice was added to the menu with the recent ripening of navel oranges.

“As local produce and other things come into season, it’s a fun challenge for us to figure out a way to make these things taste good in a smoothie,” Doucette said. “How do we create a healthy drink that has nutritional benefits as well as an impeccable flavor profile? It’s always fun working with new ingredients and seeing how we can integrate them.”

A whirring blender whips the juice blends into smoothies made with fruit like bananas, apples and blueberries. Smoothies on the current All Good Superfresh menu include the Ascender; Island in the Sky; Canna-bliss; Chocopelli; Gunshow; Rainbow Bridge; Moongazer; Morning Mojo and Greenacolada.

Supplements for the smoothies are sourced from The Synergy Company, a Moab-based organic nutritional business.

“We use Pure Synergy, which is their greens mix,” Doucette explained. “There are honestly too many ingredients to list, but it’s basically a greens powder and we love it. It’s another one of those things where we want to support local business, and their product is also just phenomenal.”

Along with supplement additions to their drinks, other unique ingredients included in the menu of smoothie options are known superfoods like Camu Camu, an Amazonian berry high in vitamin C, goji berries, hemp seeds, medicinal mushrooms grown on a turmeric rhizome and bee pollen.

Flores and Doucette said they chose to relocate to Moab and open the business after they visited during their extended travels to and from Alaska in recent years.

“Two years ago we decided that we had kind of gotten everything from the city we were in, and wanted to experience life on the fly … Moab was one of our stops along the way, and we instantly fell in love with it,” Doucette said. “It was a beautiful place and people were so nice.”

Flores and Doucette saved and pinched pennies to make their dream a reality, from buying and remodeling the All Good Superfresh trailer, to moving their lives to Moab.

They say that things have worked out, despite the unforeseen challenges that led them here.

“Before we got here we had been searching for housing and for a place to park this thing, and to no avail, so we kind of just packed up and headed to Moab,” Doucette said. “We got here and got in touch with the property managers via the Moab advertiser. It was perfect. We love the spot, it has a lot of potential, and we want to do some really cool stuff with it.”

With a menu that changes monthly, and two creative forces behind the wheel, All Good Superfresh’s combination of menu items will continue to be mixed up to create new refreshments and even snacks.

“We’re trying to roll out some açaí bowls (in June), so that will be a big thing,” Flores said.

All Good Superfresh juice turns local produce into superfood drinks

“How do we create a healthy drink that has nutritional benefits as well as an impeccable flavor profile? It’s always fun working with new ingredients and seeing how we can integrate them.”

When: Open daily, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Where: 56 W 100 South

Cost: Varies ($4-10)

More info: Visit, or follow on Instagram @allgoodsuperfresh

Contact: Call 972-742-6041 or email