Todd Lamar Shannon [Courtesy photo]

Todd Lamar Shannon was found in his home on April 5. The day of his death remains uncertain, and even without clear evidence, it seems he passed away in his home at peace. He was 46 years old and born in Bellingham, Washington, on January 8, 1972, to Ted Lamar and Jacquelin Kay Heieren Shannon. Todd was not married and had no children.

Todd worked at City Market most of his life. He began part time as an after-school job, bag boy. After high school, Todd worked as a deli clerk. Over the years he adapted to other areas of the store positions, trying his hand as a checker, in the meat department, some time spent in general merchandise, and in his last days back in the freezer packing dairy products. Todd was committed to his job, a hard worker and enjoyed the people with whom he worked.

From his small perch at City Market, he established many, many, many friendships. It seems everyone in town knew him, most considered him as a gentle giant and a teddy bear. He had a great listening ear, an iron will, a rock-solid work ethic and once the person was past his tough guy image, he was extremely friendly.

He spent hours puttering at home, working on lots of small projects; everything from landscape to construction to automotive work. He lived in seclusion and loved every minute. He never was a social person, but isolation most certainly was his choice. The latter part of his life he developed and remodeled two separate homes, one in Moab and one in La Sal. He loved to hike and be in the outdoors. He liked to hunt and fish. He’d often take his vehicles off-road, and he loved the Moab area and the backcountry, especially up Mill Creek Canyon.

He is survived by his brother Justin Shannon and sister-in-law Terese Shannon. Todd was an uncle to three small children: Eldon Shannon, Jacquelyn Shannon, and Madison Shannon. He had many extended family members with uncles and aunts and cousins, too numerous to mention.

He was preceded in death by his mother, Jacquelin, in 1978, and his father, Ted, in 2008.