I remember a while back that someone in local government complained about the lack of citizen participation in local decision making. When the city council started a firestorm of controversy over its lack of transparency in hiring and firing, plus other matters like doing away with Main Street parking, things started to change. More citizens are actively watching and questioning what is happening. The county council, like the city council, seems to be in a similar mode as the progressive ideals are costing the citizens more and more money and balanced perspective is pretty much ignored. Nonpartisan politics do not exist here in Grand County and a better form of representative local government needs to be implemented. I look forward to seeing HB 224 being studied and put into place to remain in legal compliance with state law. Accusations and personal attacks were made claiming a lack of transparency by liberals but when you look at the process of how HB 224 came about, a full and transparent legislative process was available to everyone. When the study committee is formed, and the final decision is made, I look forward to having a voice by casting my ballot in the November election. HB 224 will help restore voter confidence because our nonpartisan form of government has failed and a change is required.