Molly Marcello is KZMU’s news and public affairs director. [Courtesy photo]

Moab’s grassroots community radio station marks a new chapter on April 2 with the launch of a daily newscast.

“KZMU News” will be hosted by Molly Marcello, the station’s news and public affairs director.

“I think KZMU is well-poised to provide local, state and regional news coverage for the Moab community,” Marcello said. “We have a solid, engaged audience who care about the area’s many issues. Although we are rooted in diverse, eclectic music, we also have a longstanding public affairs tradition. This newscast will continue and build on that foundation.”

KZMU News will cover a wide range of issues in southeastern Utah, from the local economy and environment to arts and culture. The station is also excited to collaborate with local and regional media organizations, ensuring a well-rounded look into the area’s stories.

“We believe that community radio can offer a unique perspective and immediacy to the events that are shaping and altering our lives,” KZMU General Manager Marty Durlin said. “Moab is bursting with new construction and new businesses and new people. Our natural environment receives much of the impact, but the area’s growth has an effect on the community’s health, political choices, and on our cultural lives as well. KZMU’s newscast will illuminate our shared experience with the intimacy only live radio can provide.”

Starting on April 2, the 10-minute daily newscast will run Mondays through Fridays at noon and 7 p.m. In addition to listening on the radio dial at 90.1 and 106.7 FM, listeners can find the newscast online under the “KZMU News” tab at

In addition to the newscast, KZMU will continue to develop public affairs content. This programming was fostered by former Program Director Christy Williams Dunton, who now works for the Museum of Moab. KZMU’s current public affairs programming includes the longstanding civics show “This Week in Moab,” as well as “Science Moab,” produced by Kristina Young with a focus on the Colorado Plateau. KZMU is also welcoming new programming, like the quirky civics show “What’s Goin’ On,” hosted by Mayor Emily Niehaus and her son Oscar.

Marcello spent more three years as a staff writer for The Times-Independent. When she first moved to Moab, KZMU welcomed her as a volunteer DJ, and she helmed the early rhythm and blues show “Tangled Roots” from 2014 to 2017. She holds a degree in communications from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.