Hello, Moab!

We, the Board of the Colorado Plateau River Guides Association (CPRG), would like to take a moment to tell you a bit about our organization. CPRG has been around since 1993 but went more or less defunct in the mid-2000s. Last year a few of us decided to try to resurrect CPRG and make it relevant once more. There are a couple of notable differences this time around though.

Our mission statement: Colorado Plateau River Guides (CPRG) is an organization of professional river guides and river enthusiasts that work, recreate on, or are passionate about, the rivers of the Upper Colorado River Basin. CPRG facilitates river guide training and development, stewardship activities, and promotes a sense of professionalism and community among the river guides of the Colorado Plateau.

Our main goal is to help guides and outfitters with medical and rescue training, interpretive skills, and raising the standard of professionalism throughout the guiding community. Although we state “river guides” in both our name and mission, we would like to welcome any guides and outfitters in Moab to join us; mountain biking, climbing, Jeeping, etc.

We are also available as a resource for other services severely lacking to the guide community. Housing, workplace issues (like the ones defined in recent letters to the editor), mental health, physical health … all of the things that can feel unattainable to the seasonal workforce. As a bonus, we have secured special guide discounts for members of CPRG at local businesses!

Please feel free to look at our website, www.upperbasinguides.org; our Facebook page and group; or ask one of us about what’s going on. We will have our first membership drive on March 17 at the OARS Boathouse Tour (we have stickers and T-shirts). And, if you were a lifetime member of the former CPRG, your membership is still valid!