Dear Editor:

Here is a response to Steve Russell’s letter in the Feb. 8-14 issue of Moab Sun News titled, “Too many people.”

Mr. Russell states all the problems confronting us humans of this earth are due to too many people. Sorry, Mr. Russell, but the answer is not too many people. The answer is, there is the absence of genuine love and the presence of pseudo-love. That is the bottom-line problem, not too many people.

Also, Mr. Russell states no sane person could oppose Planned Parenthood. Well there is genuine saneness and pseudo-saneness. A genuine sane person gets both sides of the story before spouting off. And to get both sides of the Planned Parenthood story is to have one’s eyes opened, to see that Planned Parenthood is the “Darkness of Evil” under the cover of pseudo-good.

By the way, has Mr. Russell heard of “Natural Family Planning?” Contact the “Couple to Couple league Int’l” at tele. no. 513-471-2000 or website at or email at