Dear Editor:

I’m one of the many residents concerned about the proposed Sky Ranch Airport in Spanish Valley. As was evidenced by numerous citizens’ comments at the presentation last week during San Juan County’s consultant presentation of its proposed development plan for the valley, many residents are very concerned about an airport in the valley.

My husband and I have lived in Spanish Valley for 30 years, and are shocked that the developer would propose, and San Juan County would seriously consider, a “fly in” airport development in a residential area that is becoming more densely populated every year. There was a plane accident in the valley this past November, when a pilot tried landing on the nearby Old Airport airstrip in a strong tailwind and went through a fence onto East Allen Road. Thankfully, the plane missed pedestrians and passing cars.

Strong winds are common in the valley. I am very concerned about the safety of nearby residents, and the broader impacts of noise and safety for all Spanish Valley and Moab residents. I am strongly against an airport in Spanish Valley. Let’s keep air traffic focused on our newly renovated terminal and runways at Canyonlands Field Airport.