Dear Editor:

I wish to thank the many individuals who helped make the recent town hall in Moab a success. The event was jointly planned and presented by Sees (Citizens for Community Collaboration) and the Grand County League of Women Voters. I had the pleasant opportunity to work with a number of League members and officers on this project. Darcey Brown, Ilona Carlson, Barbara Lacy and Carey Dabney were all involved in planning. Ilona gave the opening remarks and began the session in a cordial and pleasant manner. Barbara and Carey carried the heaviest load of the League of Women Voters members who worked on this event, being involved with all aspects from start to finish. This town hall would not have happened without Barbara and Carey’s hard work.

The panel consisted of eight individuals, plus a moderator, starting with state legislators Carl Albrecht, Christine Watkins and David Hinkins. Grand County was represented by Mary McGann, Curtis Wells and Zacharia Levine, and Moab City by Rani Derasary and Jim Winder. Rani had to fill in quickly with very little notice because of an unexpected vacancy, but did very well. Emily Niehaus effectively moderated the presentations and questions and maintained the planned schedule. The panel members presented their views along with much valuable information on a number of often controversial topics. They were all well prepared with their opinions and insight on the complex problems discussed.

The event was well attended, filling the Grand Center’s main hall. The public was cordial and respectful of the panel, each other and the various opinions presented. Afterwards, panel members and many audience attendees remained and mingled, ending the event in an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation. All participants should be proud of their involvement in this town hall.

I believe the actions of all involved speak to the value of continuing this type of event in Moab. In their follow-up communications to us, the state legislators who attended enthusiastically agreed. Thank you, everybody!