The Grand County Speech and Debate Team would like to thank the parents of all debaters from all teams who participated in the Red Rock Classic debate tournament.

Special thanks go out to the Winn family, the Guzman-Newton family, the Cameron family, the Wainer family, the Geiser family, Judy Meadows and Karen Osusky; thanks go out to all who contributed food for the tournament specifically providing food for the judges: Charlie at Red Cliffs, the Red Cliffs staff and City Market.

The team would like to thank Reggie at Slickrock Cinemas 3 and his staff for holding a special showing for the traveling debaters so they could see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Many traveling teams anticipated being able to watch the new movie.

Special thanks to all of the staff of Grand County High School for allowing the debaters to use their rooms, and a very big thank-you to the custodial staff for coming in on the weekend and cleaning up after the debate tournament.

Thank you to Dr. Stephen Hren of Grand County High School for all of his support throughout the tournament and allowing the team to host it.

A special thank-you to all judges on all teams.

The tournament was a larger tournament for a smaller school, so to everyone who gave their time and energy for judging, thank you so much. Thank you to the debaters for being respectful of the school. To the coaches of all teams, thank you for bringing your students to Red Rock Classic 2017 for a wonderful and diverse tournament.

The team would also like to thank Jacob Neilson as well as Grand County Coach Carrie Strecker for making the tournament happen.

None of this would have been possible without the support and volunteering from the community of Moab. The tournament was a large success and will continue to have a bright showing in the future if the same amount of support for the debate team persists.